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Ciel Capital was formed in August 2015 by Vedrana Riley (CEO) and Matthew Riley (Director). Zahra Hassan joined as CFO in 2016.
Vedrana B. Riley

Vedrana is Ciel’s founder. She covers a wide range of areas including Asset Management, Finance Structuring and Modelling, Fundraising and Legals.

Prior to Ciel, Vedrana was a Corporate Finance Manager at Pacific Investments and Managing Director of IPIN Global Capital and BridgePoint Ventures UK Ltd. Vedrana graduated with a first class degree at the Sorbonne, Paris, followed by a Masters degree in London, where she got a distinction. A French national who was born in the former Yugoslavia, Vedrana is fluent in five languages. Vedrana is a member of The Monopoly Network, The Hospitality Real Estate Group and the Hotel Property Network.

John Danias
Finance Director

John joined Ciel Capital in 2017.  He is primarily involved in financial modelling, debt negotiations and project monitoring.His background is investment banking with over 15 years experience in deal structuring and real estate finance.  In his previous role as Director at BNP Paribas he managed a portfolio of £1bn equivalent, of UK and European loans, focusing on origination, syndication and work-outs.


Zahra Hassan
Chief Financial Officer

Zahra is CFO of Ciel and brings a wealth of expertise in Venture Capital and Mergers and Acquisitions. Prior to Ciel, she was VP of the Raine Group, Principal at Code Advisors and M&A banker at UBS in London and New York. Zahra has a Bachelors degree from the University of Chicago (honours) and a Masters degree from London Business School.

Matthew Riley

Matthew has a wide wide ranging remit, covering Structuring, Investment Banking, Origination, Asset Management, and Capital Stack Management.

Prior to Ciel, Matthew was Investment Director at Virtue Capital Partners, after a 18 year career in investment banking at Jefferies, RBS, Morgan Stanley and Dresdner Bank.

Matthew studied Chemical Engineering at Exeter University and speaks fluent French and Japanese.

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