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With an investment philosophy grounded in rigorous fundamental analysis, the firm's main areas of expertise are:

Principal Investments

Ciel is actively seeking acquisition opportunities including new development opportunities through to under-performing assets to refurbish, reposition and turn around.

Ciel will be looking to generate returns through a mixture of strategic disposals and holding and continuing to manage assets in the medium to long term, dependent on the requirements of the investor. Our typical investment term ranges form 3 to 7 years.


Joint-Venture Equity

Ciel’s business offers professional financial co-investment to support entrepreneurial property companies targetting small to medium sized transactions in the United Kingdom and Western Europe.

Joint Venture equity investments are made alongside co-investing operating partners and usually comprise 50-90% of the total equity requirement. Equity investments can be structured as side by side equity with a profit related promote to the operating partner or preferred equity with a profit share.

Ciel will leverage its relationships and experience to ensure that each project is financed, constructed within agreed budgets and exited within a defined and agreed time scale, seeking to maximize profits for all involved.

Investment Criteria:


Equity investment range


Average equity investment


Approx. target return IRR per annum

5 years

Typical investment term

Asset Management

Ciel provides a one stop solution for corporations and private investors looking to invest in real estate opportunities; outsource part/all their services; or needing fresh input & restructuring ideas for existing or new projects.

Ciel would be responsible for monitoring the portfolio of assets, be it student housing or residential and providing quarterly updates to its clients (monthly updates are also possible subject to agreement). In the event any of the assets are in danger of under-performing, Ciel will provide a detailed analysis of the risks and present repositioning options to its clients. Once a new asset strategy is agreed, Ciel will be responsible for implementing the changes and closely monitoring progress.

Ciel can also assist in the pre-acquisition stage by preparing pre-purchase viability studies, due diligence and acquisition services for new purchases.

Finance Advisory

As an adjunct to Ciel’s Asset Management and Investment Business, Ciel is ideally placed within the market to advise third parties on capital stack structure. We can similarly leverage our extensive network of lenders and investment partners to provide debt solutions to those who already have an existing portfolio or a project that they are looking to acquire. Ciel has advised on over £100mion GDV of transactions requiring senior, stretch or mezzanine finance in 2017.

Ciel only advises on Corporate and Business Finance transactions that do not require FCA registration or regulation. 

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